Lakeshore Story – Marc-Antoine Kamel

Marc-Antoine’s mother was a patient in the ICU at Lakeshore General Hospital. He shares his story, and talks about the compassionate staff he and his family encountered during her stay.

Lakeshore Story – Bob McEwen

Bob McEwen suffered a cardiac arrest and was rushed to Lakeshore General Hospital. He shared his story with us.

Lakeshore Story – Stephanie Alexandre

Stephanie Alexandre is a Respiratory Therapist at the Lakeshore General Hospital. She discusses what she loves about working here.

Lakeshore Story – Dr. Fadi Aris

Dr. Fadi Aris is an Intervention Radiologist here at the Lakeshore General Hospital, and the Chief of Medical Imaging for the Montreal West Island IUHSSC.

Lakeshore Story – Beverly & Sidney

Sidney Rath recently had knee replacement surgery at the Lakeshore. He and his wife Beverly kindly shared their story.