Lakeshore Story – Stephanie Alexandre

Stephanie Alexandre is a Respiratory Therapist at the Lakeshore General Hospital. She discusses what she loves about working here.

Lakeshore Story – Dr. Fadi Aris

Dr. Fadi Aris is an Intervention Radiologist here at the Lakeshore General Hospital, and the Chief of Medical Imaging for the Montreal West Island IUHSSC.

Lakeshore Story – Beverly & Sidney

Sidney Rath recently had knee replacement surgery at the Lakeshore. He and his wife Beverly kindly shared their story.

Lakeshore Story – Heroes in the Kitchen

Just as babies don’t come from storks, meals don’t fall from the sky either. Let’s discover these heroes who work hard to feed hundreds of patients! To do so, we will follow the journey of a meal coupon to find out how the meals are prepared and especially who partakes in the preparation of the food, the trays and their distribution!

Lakeshore Story – Laurent Crevier

On April 6, 2021, Laurent Crevier came to the Lakeshore Oncology Department to have his 26th chemotherapy treatment. It was also Oncology Nursing Day and Mr. Crevier kindly accepted to take the time to pay tribute to the staff of the Lakeshore Oncology Department. This is Laurent’s story.