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Medical Imaging

– 1st Floor, 514-630-2225 ext. 1303


Our Imaging department is equipped with a state-of-the-art CT-scan room, which can scan an average of 75 patients per day. The department performs over 78,000 exams every year.

paramedic emergency image


– 1st Floor


With over 37,000 visits to our Emergency Room every year, the team works hard and diligently to provide our community with high-quality care 24/7.

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– 2nd Floor


With over 17,000 surgeries performed every year, our team strives to stay current in their approaches to patient care through the use of cutting-edge technology and continuing education.

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– 1st Floor, 514-630-2225 ext. 1630

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– 1st Floor, 514-630-2225 ext. 1998



Over 4,400 oncology treatments every year are administered at Lakeshore, and recently purchased chairs and an updated paint job have made the department more comfortable for our patients.

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– 1st Floor, 514-630-2225 ext.



Our short-stay mental health unit currently has 5 beds, but 3 more beds and a new shower will soon be added to the unit.

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Blood testing

– 1st Floor


To book an appointment for a blood test, please visit Clic Santé

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Obstetrics/Birthing Centre

– 2nd Floor, 514-630-2225 ext. 2299



Over 1,600 babies are born at Lakeshore every year! Our hospital offers private pre and post-partum rooms to ensure mom and baby’s utmost comfort while in our care.

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Ambulatory Centre/Specialized Clinics

  • Day Medicine – 1st Floor, 514-630-2225 ext. 1901
  • Diabetes Clinic – 1st Floor, 514-630-2225 ext. 1821
  • Dialysis – 1st Floor, 514-630-2225 ext. 1899
  • Endocrinology Clinic – 1st Floor, 514-630-2225 ext. 1821
  • Endoscopy – 3rd Floor, 514-630-2225 ext. 3291
  • ENT – 1st Floor, 514-630-2225 ext. 1799
  • Gastroenterology – 1st Floor, 514-630-2225 ext. 1799
  • General Surgery – 1st Floor, 514-630-2225 ext. 1799
  • Hematology – 5th Floor, 514-630-2225 ext. 1702
  • Infectious Diseases – 1st Floor, 514-630-2225 ext. 1799
  • Intensive Care Unit – 2nd Floor, 514-630-2225 ext. 2599
  • Medical Records – Basement, 514-630-2225 ext. 6270
  • Nephrology – 1st Floor, 514-630-2225 ext. 1841
  • Neurology – 1st Floor, 514-630-2225 ext. 1799
  • Ophthalmology/Cataracts – 3rd Floor, 514-630-2225 ext. 3279
  • Orthopedics – 1st Floor, 514-630-2225 ext. 1799
  • Pediatric Asthma – 1st Floor, 514-630-2225 ext. 1799
  • Plastics – 1st Floor, 514-630-2225 ext. 1799
  • Respirology – 1st Floor, 514-630-2225 ext. 1721
  • Rheumatology – 1st Floor, 514-630-2225 ext. 1799

Leadership Team

Dan Éric Gabay

President & CEO

Mr. Gabay, an economist by profession, has 16 years’ experience in the health and social services network. For the past three years he has been the Associate Executive Director at the CIUSSS du Centre-Ouest-de-l’Île-de-Montréal.

His innovative approach was particularly evident in the various business intelligence tools he implemented to support physicians, nurses, and managers. We look forward to working with Mr. Gabay, whose background and know-how will benefit both our Hospital and the community.

(listed alphabetically by last name)

Assistant Chief of Pharmacy


Tania Antoniadis is currently the Assistant Chief of Pharmacy for the Lakeshore General Hospital. Tania received her Master’s Degree in hospital pharmacy from the School of Pharmacy, University of London. She has practiced pharmacy in various cities including London, Paris and Athens, before settling in Montreal. She worked for 6 years at St Mary’s Hospital in internal medicine before transferring to Lakeshore General Hospital.

Chief, Radiology

Chief, Family Med

Chief, Family Med

Chief, Anesthesia

Chief, Emergency

Chief, Orthopedic Surgery

Chief, Obstetrics

Chief, Emergency

Chief, Orthopedic Surgery

Chief, Anesthesia & ICU

Chief, Psychiatry

Associate Chief, Emergency

Chief, Respirology

Chief, ENT

Professional Services Director


When the Auxiliary began in 1962, the bricks and mortar that constitute today’s Lakeshore General Hospital had not been laid. The City of Pointe-Claire donated space in Stewart Hall where the women who formed the Auxiliary could work tirelessly to stuff envelopes with flyers and pamphlets aimed at heightening the community’s awareness of the coming hospital. Members of the Auxiliary opened a little gift shop in Stewart Hall to help raise funds for the hospital. When the hospital finally opened, the Auxiliary agreed to provide the hospital with a coffee shop, a gift shop and a book corner to serve the patients, their families, visitors and the hospital staff. To this day, they continue to offer these very successful services.

The focus of the Auxiliary has always been the care and well-being of the patients. To this end, the volunteers have served in over twenty areas of the hospital to bring help, comfort and a warm smile to the patients, thus allowing the professional staff to focus on the medical needs. Their commercial enterprises provide them with the funds to help the hospital purchase much-needed equipment to improve the hospital’s medical services and treatment. The Auxiliary also provides bursaries to support hospital staff as they continue their professional training.

For the past 60 years, the Auxiliary has remained true to its focus – to enhance the quality of the care and well-being of the patients. Every patient deserves to receive all-star care and treatment, and the members of  the Auxiliary of the Lakeshore General Hospital work very hard to make that happen.

To volunteer with the Auxiliary, email or call 514-630-2225 x2119.


In 2022-2023, our Hospital provided:

Lab procedures and blood tests

558 264

Medical imaging exams

85 719

Emergency Room visits

38 024

Ambulatory Care Centre treatments

28 000

Hemodialysis treatments

22 202

Nuclear Medicine visits

9 030

General admissions

10 526


18 535

Oncology treatments

6 301


1 676

Geriatrics admissions


Mental Health admissions


Parking Info

Patient/Visitor Parking : Lots 1-2-3

Parking rates

  • 0h – 1h59 min – Free
  • 2h – 3h59 min – $6
  • More than 4h – $10