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Thanks to the generosity of our donors, Lakeshore General Hospital is able to ensure patients have access to the highest quality of care close to home. Donations made to Lakeshore General Hospital Foundation are used to fund the acquisition of state-of-the-art medical equipment, support significant upgrading of our hospital facilities, and assist in supporting programs and specialized training for the professional staff not covered by the Quebec government.

Your generosity makes it possible for us to elevate the quality of healthcare at the Lakeshore General Hospital and improve the lives of all those who come through our doors.

Current Needs

Sleep Apnea Equipment

  • Purchase of 5 devices
  • Includes devices, accessories, and training
  • Used for the diagnosis of sleep apnea in the hospital and in the ambulatory clinic

COST: $47,000

Recumbent Trainers

Purchase of 2 recumbent trainers to be used for surgery and medicine units on 4North, 4South & 3West.

This project aims to prevent deconditioning and thus have a favorable impact on the duration of hospitalization of users. Many of the patients admitted to the above-mentioned units have a geriatric profile with multiple comorbidities and carry a significant risk of deconditioning. Studies show that aerobic exercise can limit the effects of frailty and reduce the length of hospitalization.

COST: $14,000

Alaris Pumps

Purchase of 12 Alaris pumps

These pumps work directly with the new monitors purchased for the ICU and Surgery units. They are an important element of Total Intravenous Anesthesia (TIVA) and allow the anesthesiologist to target the drug concentration and help to avoid overdoses and insufficient concentrations.

COST: $70,000

Heat-Reflective Film

Installation of heat reflective film in all rooms.

Many units and rooms within Lakeshore General Hospital do not have air conditioning. Due to the infrastructure of our hospital and of the hydro lines, we are unable to add permanent units. This heat-reflective film boasts up to 71% heat rejection and will be installed in all rooms to decrease the amount of energy used and to increase air flow.

COST: $67,000

Prostate Morcellator

Purchase of a new prostate morcellator

Used to perform a holminum laser enucleation of the prostate (HoLEP). Lakeshore General Hospital is the only hospital in Montreal to use this technique.

The desired morcellator is safer and more efficient than the device currently used, thus reducing the surgical time, which will make it possible to do the procedure in day surgery and increase the number of procedures performed in a day.

COST: $115,000

Recent Accomplishments

new icu

Intensive Care Unit

The new state-of-the-art 15-bed unit, of which the first four rooms were completed in 2017, features bigger rooms, dialysis machines in each room, and a new light system to alert staff when a nurse is attending to a patient or needs help. The unit now also has a lot of natural light, which helps with healing and the overall mental health of the patients and staff.

Thank you to the Trottier Family Foundation for their outstanding support of our hospital and this important initiative.

Oncology Chairs

These new chairs have a footrest, are low-entry and adjust to many different positions to ensure patient comfort during their treatment.

oncology chair
oncology chair
sedline icu or monitor

ICU & OR Monitors

Thanks to the West Island Muslim Community, we were able to purchase 14 anesthesia monitors for the Intensive Care and Surgery Units.

These monitors use brain activity monitoring to observe patients’ level of consciousness under anesthesia. This important project would promote TIVA (total intravenous anesthesia) when surgery permits and, in turn, will give our teams the chance to avoid intubating a patient and avoid the use of anesthetic gases that are harmful to the environment.

Hospital-Wide Wi-Fi

As of January 2023, FREE public Wi-Fi is now available for all throughout the Hospital! Just search for “Lakeshore_WiFi_Public“. Happy browsing!