It is comforting to know that donations made to the Lakeshore General Hospital Foundation will have a direct impact on you and your health and will allow the hospital to change and care for with its community. We are very proud to share the main acquisitions and improvements made thanks to your generosity.

Mental Health programs, such as the Camp Echo project which gathers psychiatry patients for a pleasant stay in the countryside. Attendants participate in relaxation and stress management activities, go hiking together, and enjoy collaborative games. As this video explains, the camp succeeds in breaking isolation, an important aggravating factor, and thus helps prevent crises and the resulting hospitalization that follows. 

A New Multifunctional Radiology Room with state-of-the-art specialized diagnostic equipment. The Artis Zee MP system from Siemens facilitates image guided procedures providing an alternative to conventional surgery, thereby reducing patient hospitalization time. >> Read the press release.

Four new state-of-the-art Intensive Care rooms were added. The total number of ICU beds increased from 11 to 15, enabling the treatment of an additional 270 patients per year and helping to ease overcrowding in the emergency room. >> Read the press release.

A Glidescope to allow rapid intubation under unpredictable conditions as well as equipment and software for the Cardiology Department.

An Electromyograph to record electrical currents in order to study the peripheral nervous system, the muscles and the neuromuscular junction (contact between the neuron and the muscle) and to detect the muscular activity spontaneously, at rest or at the time of the activity of the muscle.

An Ultrasound Machine for detailed analysis of muscles, tendons, ligaments and peripheral nerves.

A state-of-the-art Siemens Symbia S Gamma Camera that provides high- quality images of organs and bones for the early detection of various cancers and diseases.

Participation in the National Surgical Quality Improvement Program for a period of five years. Nine of the top 10 hospitals in the US use this program to improve surgical outcomes, reduce risk and reduce hospital stay. We are the first community hospital in Quebec to participate.

Quality assurance software for surgery in order to achieve the highest level of compliance during the procedure, as well as a Recovery Monitoring System and Sterilization Units for the Operating  Rooms.

The improvement of the Hemodialysis Unit and the purchase of advanced equipment, enabling nearly 20,000 patients to receive local treatments every year. This includes the addition of five new hemodialysis stations and one isolation unit.

Specialized equipment for the Emergency Room, including a Bed Management System, a Cardiac Monitor and a Telemetry System, allowing remote medical support for patients whose condition is unstable or complex.

The opening of the Nick Di Tomaso Birthing Centre, which provides increased comfort, safety and peace of mind for mothers and newborns. This state-of-the-art centre allows the hospital to accommodate more than 1,700 births each year, hence more births than at any time in its history.

The creation of the Maria Saputo Monticciolo Short Stay Unit, which provides private rooms for patients requiring immediate  24 to 76 hours care, reducing the waiting time for emergency patients by 40%.

Did you know that these acquisitions and improvements made it possible to:

  • Improve the triage, the care and the waiting process – all the way up to patient’s discharge from Emergency;
  • Decrease by almost 30% the number of patients who left the ER before being taken in by a doctor;
  • Reduce unplanned hospital readmissions (1-30 days) by 24%;
  • Increase the number of patients treated in ER by 4%;
  • Respond to an increase in requests for day surgery (1%), in-patient surgery (11%) and cataract surgery (74%);
  • Decrease the hospital mortality rate by 20% during an in-patient stay at the Lakeshore;
  • Improve surgical outcomes, reduce risks and duration of hospitalization.