The Trottier Family Foundation

In May of 2013, the Trottier Family Foundation committed $10 million to the Lakeshore General Hospital Foundation, marking the largest single donation in the history of the fundraising organization, which is celebrating its 50th year of supporting and advancing patient care at the Lakeshore General Hospital in 2014-15.

The Trottier Family Foundation is the brainchild of West Island philanthropists Lorne and Louise R. Trottier, and is a testament to their generosity and interest in the West Island community. The Trottier Family Foundation funds community projects for which there is a need in the West Island on a regular basis.

Lakeshore General Hospital Foundation managing director Heather Holmes said the Trottier Family Foundation’s generosity can serve as an example for other charitable organizations throughout the province, the country and the world.

“The Trottier Family Foundation has clearly recognized the need for state-of-the-art patient care at the Lakeshore General Hospital and their gift can be held up as an example of what giving back to the community is all about,” Holmes said.

The May 28, 2013 announcement took place outdoors at the hospital’s main entrance.

The donation is largest ever received in 49-year history of the LGH Foundation. It will be used to support the development of excellence in health and social services for the population of the West Island, through the purchase of essential medical equipment for the LGH Emergency Room (ER) and its affiliated departments.  Each new piece of equipment will ensure that our healthcare professional have the modern tools to offer the highest quality of care to all patients.

Nearly 50 distinguished guests were present to honour Mr. and Mrs. Trottier, both in attendance. At the conference, Mrs. Trottier spoke about the importance of helping their community hospital, as they are West Island residents, and said: “West Island residents as well as non-residents working in the West Island deserve a community hospital with the best medical care. An important factor in its quest for excellence remains the financial support of the population.”

Richard & Edith Strauss Foundation

The Edith and Richard Strauss Foundation is a valued partner of the Lakeshore General Hospital. Their mission is to aid notable and health-oriented charities whose mission is to advance the state of health care in Quebec.

Their aid and invaluable support in advancing the state of patient care at the Lakeshore General Hospital is a testament to the organization and their mission, which continue the legacy of philanthropy that Richard and Edith Strauss began during their remarkable lives as pillars of the Montreal business community. The couple’s personal health problems – Richard suffered from difficult asthma and Edith had a physical disability – motivated them to start giving. They focused their interests on assisting researchers and educators in the health field and the Richard and Edith Strauss Canadian Foundation was born. The Lakeshore General Hospital is extremely grateful for their invaluable support.

Eric T. Webster Foundation

The Eric T. Webster Foundation is a valued partner of the Lakeshore General Hospital Foundation. The Webster Foundation’s important support has helped the Lakeshore General Hospital Foundation in its mission of advancing patient care at the Lakeshore General Hospital.

A recent $1.2 million grant from the Eric T. Webster Foundation was among the largest donations ever received by the Lakeshore General Hospital. This West Island-based charitable organization has truly gone above and beyond their mission when it comes to supporting the Lakeshore General Hospital and is a remarkable supporter of West Island charitable and community causes.