Did a physician, nurse, orderly, or other staff member make your stay at the hospital memorable?

Make a donation in his or her honour! The Lakeshore General Hospital Foundation has introduced The Lakeshore Guardian Angels, a program to recognise those who give outstanding and compassionate care.  Print and mail the form below or call 514-630-2081 to nominate your Guardian Angel.

Annually, the names of our Guardian Angels are added to our Donor Wall in the first floor main entrance hallway and listed here by nomination year.

The 2015 Guardian Angels

  • Dr. David Eiley
  • Dr. Cheryl Garber
  • Dr. Max Katz
  • Dr. Rehan Kazmi
  • Dr. Rolf Loertscher
  • Ms. Isabelle Mayer
  • Dr. Mladen Palaic
  • Dr. Gerry Polyhronopoulos
  • Ms. Isabelle Rochon
  • Dr. Yvonne Vasilie
  • Dr. Christian Zalai

The 2014 Guardian Angels

  • Dr. Max Katz
  • The Third Floor West Surgery and Care Team
  • Dr. Magued Ishak
  • Dr. Arash Sepehr Arae
  • Dr. Alexandro Zarruk
  • Dr. Christian Zalai
  • Dr. David Wiltshire
  • Ms. Sophie Vermette
  • Dr. Rolf Loertsher
  • Ms. Sonia Klebanskyj

The 2013 Guardian Angels

  • Dr. Horace Laryea
  • Dr. Josephine El-Kahi
  • Dr. Adriana Ionescu
  • Dr. Robert McLeod
  • Dr. Herbert Polson
  • Dr. Yvonne Vasilie
  • Dr. Rolf Loertsher
  • The Fourth Floor North Team
  • Dr. Gilles Mercier
  • Ms. Linda Quenneville
  • Dr. Alexandro Zarruk
  • Dr. Sharon Dalrymple
  • The Lakeshore General Hospital Oncology Team
  • Ms. Kim Jesse
  • Ms. Marie Claude Taillon
  • Dr. Tamara Znajda